We provide Diablo Valley families with a strong platform to make an impact in our local community.

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This is about the power of collective decision making. Impact Diablo Valley together was able to give $65,000 to White Pony Express to help end hunger here in Diablo Valley. Joining this organization allows you to cast a vote and give a meaningful grant to an organization right here in our local community.


Our remaining 2 finalists received a community grant of $4,000 each. Impact Diablo Valley wants to provide funding to these organizations to keep doing the incredible work they are doing in our community.

The model was designed to be simple:  

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Applications are solicited from the following five Focus Areas: 

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  • Committees review applications, perform site visits and choose finalists who present at the Annual November Meeting.

  • Members come together to listen to finalist presentations and vote on grant recipient.

  • No time commitment is required from members, but participation is encouraged!

What is unique about Impact Diablo Valley is that we are engaging our children by providing tools to families that will help them bring philanthropy to the dinner table. Prior to the annual November meeting there will be a special children’s presentation where finalists will come and talk about the important work they do. We are giving our kids a voice and a chance to give back!